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To register your business so you can set up an ad/listing go here.
If your business is already registered with us please LOGIN, to set up or amend your business ad/listing, else read on for more information on how to register your business for a listing on Best of Camden.

This popular website (more than 1 million visits per annum) has been providing general information about the Camden Markets area of Camden Town for many years. We appear high in search engine rankings for related keywords, for example try typing camden market into Google . In addition more than 1000 websites around the world have linked to us because we are a good Camden-wide and independent source of basic information about the markets. If you are listed on this site the many thousands of visitors who browse our pages every week will have an opportunity to read about your business, and may then visit you in Camden or at your website.

We offer the following advertising options:
Our easy-to-use online interface allows you to type in your business details to create a classified directory ad/listing for your business on this site, and you can preview your listing as you build it. As well as descriptive and contact information, your listing may include a photograph, a link to ar map showing your location, and a link to your website, if you have one. Your ad can appear in one or two of our more than 40 business categories and you may suggest a new category if none in use are suitable.

If your business has a trading address in Camden Town (NW1) there is at present NO CHARGE for your ad/listing.
If your business does not have a trading address in Camden Town (NW1) you can still set up an ad/listing here but there is an annual fee of £50, payable in advance. We will contact you by email after you have submitted your listing for approval.

Sample of a business listing in our directory:
To promote your business with a listing similar to this please follow these steps:
STEP 1 Register to tell us your contact email address, and a password you will use when you login to access our advertisement management system. (This of course should not be the password you normally use to collect email). We will then send you an email with a link to click on, to confirm the validity of your email address.
STEP 2 Log in and then create a full ad/listing for your business by completing an on-line form. You will be asked to select and upload an image for your ad from your computer. If your business is based in Camden Town you will also be asked to select, and then click on, one of our maps to show your location. (Multimap is offered as an alternative for other UK businesses). When the ad in our PREVIEW window looks how you want it to be, you click the submit button. Best of Camden will review and approve your ad and then put it online. After that you can log in at any time and change your ad/listing as you may require.

1. We are always pleased to promote stalls and shops who do not yet have a website. Many of the visitors to our Camden Markets website are planning to visit Camden Town in person and are looking for particular places to visit when they arrive, a good reason enough to take up this offer of a free listing.
2. Our existing advertisers are finding that they are getting many more visitors to their own websites and their on-line shops because of referrals from their links on our website If you want to be able to monitor just who is sending people to your website then we recommend using Google Analytics, a free-of-charge service, which will give you detailed referral information. This evidence of the number of visitors we are sending on to you should help you decide if you want to continue your listing on our site.
3. If you have a website and it is listed on our site you will also find that your website goes up the search engine rankings in its own right, simply because our highly ranked site links to yours.
4. We reserve the right refuse to accept your ad/listing, or delete it, without giving you any reason, but this has not happened yet!

If you would like a banner ad on one of our pages email us with information about your business and the URL for the page on our website on which you want your ad to appear, and we will send you a price.

For any further information about our advertising options write to
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